Makerspaces don’t have to mean big money #blogjune

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Cambridge Library has come up with an idea for a makerspace, that is inexpensive and also provides all the benefits of a larger project.

The makerspace is under construction, so no final photos yet, but the space will contain yarn, wool, knitting needles, origami paper, pens, textas, paint, paper and instructions and ideas on how to use these resources. The centre will focus on paper crafts, knitting, crocheting and painting. The library is recently held their first free art class, teaching people how to paint with pastels run by a local artist.

Libraries can use people in their community to help run classes and share their talents. The staff at Cambridge Library are excited about their new mini-makerspace and their enthusiasm has spread to their library patrons. Makerspaces can help to further create a safe space for people to enjoy and create arts and crafts. SLWA’s New Technologies working group is currently working on creating a makerspace kit for public libraries. The aim of this kit is to provide information, practical ideas and a business plan for creating a makerspace in all public libraries in Western Australia.

Display advertising the mini-makerspace at Cambridge Library


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