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The things I wish I had known as a New Grad

I am currently job hunting as I need a new challenge and these are some of the things I wish I would remember to do. These are great for someone new, but I think they are just as importantfor those who have been around a little bit longer.  

Keep a work diary

Keep a note of anything that happened significant.  I am not just talking about the projects you finished, or the great innovative ideas that you implemented at work.  

Also keep the bad things.  If a member of the public is abusive, write down how youdealt with it.  If you need to deal with an issue with staff members, write down how you dealt with that.  Relying on your memory is haphazard at best and if you do not deal with those issues very often, you need to use those examples whenever they are needed.  

I will also say, if something bad at work happens that you feel could cause problems write those down as well. Issues with your supervisor or another staff member, it is best if youkeep all the actions, what is said written down in your diary.  Be honest. Don’t write things that didn’t happen.  Having that information at hand means you are not relying on your memory and you are covered for any eventualities.  

Be brave and network

When you first start out in any profession, it can be a little overwhelming. (Well I found it very overwhelming).  But one of the best things out of a profession like ours is the amazing people in it.  In Public Libraries, there is a danger of being isolated.  There can be as few as one librarian in your branch, or you might be lucky and have 10 Librarians scattered through out your council.  There are hundreds of librarians out there and the best way to meet them is through newtworking.

Attend ALIAWest functions, attend any library specific functions.  Create your own Personal Learning Network.  If like me, you are really lucky, you will meet people who you have never worked with, but whom you consider to be true friends.  

Start small and aim to introduce yourself to one new person at each event, and then make it two, and eventually you will either know everyone.  Then you will be the person helping the new person to meet more people.

And if you are shy or nervous, find one of the ALIAWest committee and get us to introduce you to 10 more people. Most of us have very little problems with meeting new people. (Trust me, this is a hard won skill – it doesn’t come easy but you getbetter with practice)

Kym Andrews

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  1. Hoi

    I like the idea of keeping a work diary not only for the good but also for the not so good, great tips Kym!

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