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No Power


More than 162 000 houses across WA were without power for most the day and night yesterday.  Were you one of the ‘disconnected’ ?  

How did you manage without power?  Western Power phone lines were down so those of you who could not connect to the internet or Twitter, how did you find out when the power in your area would be restored?  Did your library have power this morning?

Could you handle complete darkness?  No electricity, no television, no radio, no charged phone!  How would you cope? How would you get your news?
WA today has an interesting article on “The digital detox

For those of you who use your iPads, smartphones and ereaders – were they fully charged?  How long did they last you?  I found that as long as I had all the apps shut down on the iPhone and used it sparingly, it lasted me most of the day and night so it was good to check @tweetperth every hour to hear what was happening around Perth.  The iPad was fantastic and still had 50% charge after using it during most of the evening but that was without using the wifi nor 3G.  The  ereader was the best device for me – the only problem with the ereader was poor lighting from candles which is actually not very good for the eyes so IKEA tea light candles on a plate became very handy.  Reading wins again!!! 

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  1. Lynn Davis

    Spent the evening listening to a battery operated, world band radio, and catching up on my reading (book light and several tea lights). In the end I realised the only thing I really missed was a cup of tea!

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