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ALIA Wikipedia &
Libraries – popular among libraries & wider community!
first of the ALIA Wikipedia and Libraries sessions, held at SLWA on 28 October,
attracted a wide range of interested people. As well as library professionals from
all sectors, there were teachers, students and members of the wider community. Gideon
Digby, Vice President of Wikimedia Australia and founder of Freopedia and
Toodyaypedia, gave a very informative and interesting presentation on how
Wikipedia and libraries can work together. He highlighted the Wikipedia
Loves Libraries
and GLAMWiki
projects, and provided case studies,
such as the NLA and State Libraries ‘Ask a Librarian’ service. Gideon also
outlined specific Wikipedia Projects including Wikisource, Wikidata and Wikibooks. A good indication
of the interest in Wikipedia was the large number of questions.
ALIA Wikipedia and Libraries information session will be held on Tuesday
morning 18 November at SLWA. To register go to

Digby, Wikimedia Australia, presenting to ALIA Wikipedia & Libraries
session on 28 October 2014.


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