The Ask and Answer PD Club – July Session

by | Jun 23, 2017 | networking, online presence, professional development

Would you look at that; 2017 is half done and July is looming. I
don’t know about you, but July sometimes feels like a new January.
For me, it means a new diary, a new tax folder, and now that I’ve
committed to the ALIA PD Scheme, a whole new year of professional
development activities to plan! (Wow, sure sounds like I lead a
thrilling life, doesn’t it!)

If you’re
starting the PD scheme this year, or if you’ve already started it
and need a bit of direction, or if you’re planning to attend ALIA
West’s event on the 5th of July about tracking and recording your PD activities then I would highly recommend
joining The Ask and Answer PD club to help keep you on track,
motivated and accountable for the coming year.

next session, held at the State Library on the 19th July @
, will look at creating a professional social media presence as
well as how to effectively engage and network with other
professionals online. We’re also going to be discussing some of the
ALIA Future of the LIS Profession report updates, especially exploring what
skills library professionals need to develop and maintain in order to
thrive in an ever changing world.

There will be some
refreshments, lovely people, and space for you to work towards your
professional development goals.

Please register here

Looking forward to seeing you


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