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by | Apr 16, 2013 | 23 things, mobile, professional development

Have you heard of the 23
things?  How about the 23 Mobile things?  This updated course is a
great way of learning new skills, and new things about old skills. 
So what is the NZ/Australian Cohort for 23 Mobile Things all about? 
Read on.
What are the 23 Mobile Things?
  1. Twitter
  2. Taking a photo with a mobile device:  Instagram /
    Flickr app / Snapchat
  3. eMail on the move
  4. Maps and checking in: Foursquare
  5. Photos + Maps + Apps: Historypin / What was there /
    Sepia Town
  6. Video: YouTube and screencasts
  7. Communicate: Skype / Google Hangout
  8. Calendar
  9. QR codes
  10. Social reading: RSS / Flipboard / Feedly / Goodreads /
  11. Augmented reality: Layar
  12. Games: Angry Birds / Wordfeud
  13. Online identity: FaceBook and LinkedIn
  14. Curating: Pinterest / / Tumblr
  15. Adobe ID
  16. eBooks and eBook apps: Project Gutenberg / Kindle /
    Overdrive / Bluefire / Kobo, etc.
  17. Evernote and Zotero
  18. Productivity tools: Doodle / Remember the Milk /
    Hackpad / /  30/30
  19. File sharing: Dropbox
  20. Music:
    / Spotify
  21. Voice interaction and recording
  22. eResources vendor apps
  23. Digital storytelling

You can view the 23 Mobile Things on the official blog here –

What is this NZ/Australian
cohort all about?
Simple; it is just establishing a group of librarians in NZ
and Australia who are keen to do the 23 Mobile Things at the same time. This
cohort will give us mutual support and contact with each other so that we can
learn together and keep each other motivated. Hopefully it will help you grow
your own personal learning network (PLN) and have fun and great collaborations
throughout the course!

Who can take part?

Anyone! This is not limited to New Professionals, but is open to anyone who
would like to take part – whether newer or older to the profession. I have just
put the contact form on the New Professionals blog as that is a place where I
know many people will find it. We are creating another blog specifically for
this NZ/Australian cohort that will be the hub of our conversations and
connections. So please sign up and let’s all learn from one another and
have fun playing with mobile technologies! Over 60 people have signed up
already; this is going to be such a fantastic group to be a part of 😀 
(It’s mainly NZ’ers at the moment so come on Australian’s sign up!)

What do I need to take part?
  • Access to a mobile device (e.g. iPad, tablet,
    smart-phone, etc…) – if you don’t have one yourself, you could borrow
    one or use the PC applications to understand the general principles.
  • Time to dedicate to investigating the 23 things – it
    seems most people are keen to do 1 Thing a week so you can dedicate as
    much or as little time as you need to exploring that thing and engaging in
    chatting and collaborating with others on the course.
  • Willingness to collaborate, experiment, and support
    each other – it’s going to be fun!

How do I sign up?

So you’re keen? Great! Here’s what you have to do to get involved:

I’ll be in touch as we create a blog as a hub for the group, a Facebook
group (if you are keen) and organize some online real-time events such as
Twitter chats and Google+ hangouts so that we can chat and collaborate. It will
also give us an opportunity to put into practice what we have been learning!

We are hoping to start with Thing 1 the first week of May. If the course
runs for six months (approximately 1 Thing a week), it will finish at the end
of November.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and we will be in touch again a
bit closer to the date.

If you want more information please don’t hesitate to email me (Kate) at mailto:sk********@gm***.nospam” data-original-string=”PAIuqOsoTfK+pel5HbTRCDA8v0YvKPrIovuXsUl5s+k=” title=”This contact has been encoded by Anti-Spam by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
(take off the no spam) or on twitter at @katejf.

Abigail Willemse (NZ) and Kate Freedman (NGAC) and Hiba Kanji (NGG)(AUS)


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