Murdoch Library’s showcase

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The Showcase was a great success for Murdoch!

We had approximately 9 attendees from outside and about the same internal

attendees, so about 19 in all.

Outside interest was created by Curtin University, Notre Dame University, The City of Melville Public Library, so a good mix in all.

We asked for feedback comments:

“Great use of spaces, furniture – Thanks for sharing!”

“I love the way the spaces are designed for collaborative work and that

laptop users can plug in, in so many spaces and especially outside!!”

“HIGHLIGHTS – I loved the work tables that double as whiteboards –

Brilliant idea!. Impressed with the array of work study choices. Found

the environment very inviting & staff very enthusiastic”

“Very funky – liked the booth idea for close group study”

“Thanks very much for the great tour – think you have done well with

your renovations! Love the desks you can write on – I’d be drawing all

over them!”

So in all we were very pleased and we, at Murdoch, think ‘showcasing’ is a wonderful ALIAWest initiative


  1. ☼Jenni☼

    i'm a librarian from germany and i did a guided tour last year in february. thx mike hawley for the lovely guidace 🙂 i really liked the 24/7 access area, probably that's normal for academic librarys in australia nowadays, isn't it!? i also like the lovely atmosphere and the modern style. well done! kind regards from germany to all of you 🙂

  2. rachael

    pictures please! 😉 for those who couldn't make it but are still curious.

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