Call for nominations to join the ALIAWest Committee

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As part of the Committee’s forward planning, ALIAWest is seeking additional committee members for 2012.

Comments from current Committee members:

“Being on the 2011 committee has taught me so much about other libraries and sectors of our industry, but most of all it was a lot of fun.”

“Being on the ALIAWest committee has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded library folk in other parts of the industry who share my passion for libraries and wish to have an impact of its future. It has also allowed me to help shape the direction of ALIAWest and what it is trying to achieve.”

Current list of ALIAWest Committee members is available from:

Membership of ALIAWest Committee provides you with the opportunity to:

  • get involved in your national library and information professional association
  • contribute to the development of your association
  • contribute to your own professional development through new experiences and leadership opportunities
  • make fabulous contacts with colleagues
  • make up points for the ALIA CPD program
  • learn how to run an event
  • build your profile at a local and national level and have fun!

In discussions on succession planning, ALIAWest has determined that the convenor role will be filled for no longer than 12 months. This ensures the term of office is not too onerous. However the out-going convenor will continue to be a committee member for at least the following year to ensure effective handover and succession planning.

If you have any questions about becoming involved in the Committee or would like to nominate please contact Catherine Clark, via email: ca*************@uw*.au or telephone 9346 7569.


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